Studying sculpture and printmaking at the National Art School in Sydney during the 70s, Vivien's prints and timber sculptures were informed by nature and landscape. After graduating she exhibited with the Sculpture Society at The Rocks and it was here that she discovered a small Japanese gallery that sold woodblock prints and textiles.

Taken by the Japanese aesthetic and interpretation of nature, Vivien quickly embraced a more utilitarian form of art and design. Carving woodblocks into motifs and creating marks that reflected nature, she employed a variety of techniques. Block printing and a particular way of dyeing became a distinctive element of her silk scarves and cloths. The layers of textures, prints and subtle colours, captured the essence of the natural world.

Selling into selected stores and developing a loyal clientele, her exhibition pieces were also collected by galleries throughout Australia and overseas. After some twenty years she removed herself from the printing bench and designed a range of cards, wrapping paper and screen printed linen home wares. In the last decade, Vivien has been exhibiting as an artist with Stella Downer Fine Art and established her own retail business 'ekho' on the South Coast of NSW.

Inspired by the prospect of re-establishing her distinctive textiles, Vivien had been considering the use of digital printing for some time. With the knowledge that her printmaking techniques could now be reproduced in both quantity and a bespoke manner, she approached Think Positive Designer Prints, where Emilie Cacace’s expertise facilitates Vivien’s singular visual language and textile design practice. This technology has allowed her work to develop in unexpected ways. The macro scale of the block prints makes for striking contemporary compositions, colour, textures and layers that are rendered by hand can be revived without compromise, sgraffito and brush marks are accentuated and lose little definition. The shift in scale and complexity is realised in these refined and elegant collections.